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About Little Wing Marketing

Meet the people that make Little Wing Marketing work!
Ben Snyder

Ben Snyder


Founded Little Wing Marketing in 2007. A web design, marketing, analytics, and strategy specialist.
Sherman Curry

Sherman Curry

Customer Service / Morale

Sherman Curry is the head of customer support and the chief demander of cheese and belly rubs.

Nerds at Heart

We live, eat, and sleep the Internet. Active online since 1994.

Networking Pros

Online and offline we’re pros at networking. Need an introduction to somebody? Just ask!


Don’t know what half of this stuff means? Don’t worry, we can explain it.

Goal Oriented

We’re focused on setting goals and achieving them. It’s how to get things done.

Our Story

Ben Snyder opened the doors to Little Wing Marketing October 2007 after stints working in marketing in the music business for major record labels and working at Sage Island for a number of years. In a sea of web designers and developers all claiming to do Internet Marketing, Ben set up to make Little Wing Marketing a marketing-first company.

What does this mean? It means that everything we do is to achieve business goals. More sales. More leads. A more functional website or social media presence. We’re guided by data, analytics, and user testing. We want to bring ideas that are being implemented at larger businesses and make the available to small and mid-sized businesses.

In 2012, Little Wing Marketing made a quantum leap forward when Jenna Curry joined the firm. She brought unparalleled local networking experience and social media expertise to the firm.

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality online marketing experience for our customers and use the latest in advanced analytics to meet their marketing objectives.

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