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American Property Experts

When it has to come in on time, on budget, and with no excuses, look to APE for all your landclearing needs.

Project Description

American Property Experts is who you call when you have a lot full of trees and you want it to be a cleared lot suitable for other purposes. They have the machinery – huge monsters, really – that can eat trees and turn them into wood chips. They have two locations in Wilmington NC and were looking for a better website. That’s where we stepped in.

Project Details

Client American Property Experts
Date November 2012
Skills Branding, Web Design

Bringing Style to the Industry

The site that APE had before we stepped in was something that looked corporate circa 1998. Their industry isn’t known for pushing the boundaries of marketing. It’s a place without a lot of forward thinking marketers and designers. Jason Thompson at America Property Experts wanted to capitalize on that fact. We took his colors a version of red, white, and blue and developed a rough paint look for the website that really fit his brand. To further the rustic look we made the font look like it came from a typewriter. And to help users figure out how much mulch or topsoil they needed, we custom built a calculator to do the math.

An Updated Logo

Old American Property Experts logo

Originally American Property Experts had a version of this logo.

They wanted something different. Something more visual. Around their office, they already refer to themselves as “APE”. It was natural for us to look towards a gorilla when looking for a more visual logo. To that was added a shield, the APE hardhat, and their tagline, which we also developed. The font is a riff on the font in the logo above.

The logo looks great on a t-shirt and has since been adopted as their primary logo.