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King Chiropractic

Wilmington NC's favorite performance based chiropractor.

Project Description

Dr. King at King Chiropractic is our kind of chiro. He’s a “performance based” chiropractor. Meaning he specializes in keeping active people active. He approached us about building a new website that branded him more in this capacity as well as to develop a content and social media strategy.

Project Details

Client King Chiropractic
Date 2014, ongoing
Skills Web Design, Social Media, Content Creation

A Performance Based Chiropractor

Creating a website for a chiropractor presents a challenge. For one, there are limits to what you can say when you advertise as a chiropractor. Additionally, it’s an industry that has its fair share of detractors and one where there’s a fair amount of misinformation. In addition to spinal health, Dr. King specializes in musculoskeletal issues. Meaning if you have a sprained ankle, shin splints, have slept on your neck/back wrong, or pulled something at the gym, King Chiropractic can help. He also sees a fair number of athletes. This lead to our approach of branding him as a Performance Based Chiropractor.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Chiro

It was important to Dr. King to stay really grounded when it came to blogging and communicating on Facebook. Keep to topics like stretching, exercise, healthy lifestyle, educational topics. We’ve developed his social presence into a leading source for healthy lifestyle information online. It’s a major contributing factor in King Chiropractic being nominated for “Best Of” by the Star News Online in 2015.